Role modelling and positive relationships

We place a heavy emphasis on listening to and supporting young people in achieving their goals and realising their dreams and aspirations.

Our team provide caring and appropriate role models who are experienced and well trained in offering a service that covers important “outcomes” for young people, through the application of choices, activities and consistent boundaries.

Independence and Equal opportunities 

We strongly believe and actively pursue that every child should be given the same opportunities.

Access to vast and varied activities specifically developed and supported, encourage young people to access their local and wider community and be engaged with society.

We also develop tailored independence programs to teach a variety of personal, social and independence skills that will allow young people to grow, take control of their futures.

Promoting positive behaviour

We use a combination of praise and recognition, with routines and boundaries to promote positive behaviour. Staff support the young person to understand their behaviour and to understand why there is a need to set goals and boundaries. We hope to enhance the young person’s self-esteem and promote positive expectations for their future behaviour.

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