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Quality Care in a Family Home

About Us 

Established in 2011 Reamcare has created 3 specially adapted homes in South West London. It's our mission to provide the most effective and understanding level of care from our South West London locations. We support children and young people with autism and multiple learning disabilities, as well as those with behavioural problems. 

Our needs-led services give young people a voice and support them to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations

Each service is staffed by a team of experienced, dedicated and fully-trained support workers. We combine this professional experience with a family perspective to create a dynamic service that strives to offer children and young people with learning disabilities better outcomes and wider horizons.

Learn more about us and feel free to get in touch if you're considering our help. 

What our services include

  • Local provider working with placing authorities in London and South East England. 

  • Emergency and planned residential placements

  • Family Run business. 

  • Assessment of needs completed by our senior management team. 

  • Highly individualised care plans 

  • Strong partnerships and effective multi-disciplinary working 

  • 24 hours curriculum ensuring education achievement

  • Supporting independence and transitions after leaving care.

Regulated and accredited by

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Our Testimonials

We work really hard to ensure the high-quality standards that have come to be expected of us are always met. That's why we're always so happy to hear the positive feedback we receive from parents, social workers, and inspectors. 

"I can only describe this group of people as fantastic. My son, for the first time in 14 years, now calls me ‘mum’ and knows who l am. All of this is due to the care and love he receives from the staff. Before he was placed at the home everyone had given up on him." 


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