A Friendly, Family-Run Children's Residential Home in Raynes Park

The Lighthouse Raynes Park is a registered children’s home that opened back in April 2015. Here, we offer accommodation for up to five young males and females struggling with multiple disabilities, sensory impairments, and autism.​

The home is ideally located in a warm community with good local amenities. Our Raynes Park location is surrounded by plenty of stunning trails and public parks like Pyl Brook and Cannon Hill Common.​

The home has four upstairs bedrooms and one downstairs bedroom with an ensuite. There are two bath/shower rooms, a bright lounge, dining room, sensory room, fitted kitchen, and a fenced garden.  The garden is wheelchair accessible and has a raised flower/vegetable bed and a leveled sandpit for everyone to enjoy. The children’s bedrooms are all furnished and decorated to meet a child or young adult's unique personality.

The downstairs bedroom with an ensuite shower and wet room is designed specifically for a child or young person with a physical and learning disability that requires long-term care.
The home is wheelchair accessible and features a lovely bespoke non-clinical ramp.

Sensory and social impairments 

We offer a stimulating yet calming environment for children with sensory and social impairments. RP offers a needs-led range of therapeutic support such as Intensive interaction, play therapy and PAT “Pets at home Therapy”. 

Sensory room 

The home also boasts a purpose built Multi Sensory room. This has many benefits for children with special needs as it creates a stimulating and yet calming atmosphere and among other things can help to encouraging learning, motor development, cognitive development, language and social interaction skills.

Total Communication

RP support children and young people with individual communicational needs offering a wide range of methods to encourage and promote total communication, such as The Picture Exchange Communication System, also known as PECS, photograph exchange, object referencing, Makaton and sign language.  

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